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【インターンシップレポート】「エチオピアENTRO」Ola Mamoun

| by 事務局
生命環境科学研究科 生物科学専攻 Ola Mamoun

About the host institute: 
ENTRO (Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office) is one of the three Centres of the Nile Basin Initiative, (NBI). The NBI was established on February 1999 by nine riparian countries as a transitional institution to embark on the realization of a jointly articulated Shared Vision: “To achieve sustainable socio-economic development through the equitable utilization and benefit from the common Nile Basin water resources”.

Work experience: 
I was an intern at the Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO); Addis Ababa for 3 weeks. Under the supervision of the internship coordinator my work was focused on ENTRO’s Nile for Cooperation Results Project (NCORE). The project objective is to monitor and map water quality parameters in the Eastern Nile basin using remote sensing products and techniques. 

During the period, I reviewed available data on water related parameters for water bodies with the support of assigned ENTRO staff. This enhanced my study of commonly used approaches and sensors employed by the organization in evaluating and quantifying the different water quality parameters examined from their research. 

The climax of my internship was the presentation of my findings and research outcome to the technical staff and fellow NCORE interns. This internship opportunity gave great insight into ENTRO’s research activities and also gave them valuable input which I hope would be useful both for the institution and fellow interns in consequent trainings.