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[Symposium Report] International Symposium 

[Symposium Report] International Symposium “Local Communities and Nature Conservation”

The international symposium “Local Communities and Nature Conservation” was held at the University of Tsukuba, Tokyo Campus on November 23rd, 2017. The symposium was organized by  students, participating in the Certification Programme on Nature Conservation (CPNC). There were six key-note speakers from both Japan and abroad, sharing their knowledge through the case studies in each area. 120 participants gathered, despite the rain, showing a strong interest to this theme.

Moderators included Associate Professor/ Dr. Ikuyo Saeki (Session 1), Tsukuba University students- Tomoya Tamura (Session 2), and Shoma Jungu (Session 3). Participants included those, from research institutes, private companies, NPOs and governmental organizations, resulting in very fruitful discussion.  

Twenty students introduced their research in a flash talk (thirty seconds per person). During the poster session time, both students and participants discussed deeply. At the same time, the students’ poster presentation was evaluated  for the Poster Award.

At the end of the symposium, nine students voiced their acknowledgement and the symposium ended with applause.

The planning and operation was implemented under the ‘Nature Conservation Special Field PracticalsⅡ’.

Poster, designed by Li Xuanyu

Poster and speakers' profile PDF(1.3MB).pdf

<Session 1: General Overview>
Dr. Michael Lockwood (University of Tasmania)
Dr. Shigemitsu Shibasaki (The National Museum of Japanese History)
“Are protected area systems creative destruction or destructive creation to local communities?”

Slide(To be prepared) 

<Poster Session Core Time>

<Session 2: Community-based Initiatives in Nature Conservation>
Dr. Gongbo Tashi (NPO Plateau Perspectives, Tibetan University)
“Achieving sustainability through community level partnerships in the Third Pole  Environment (TPE): Experiences in inclusive biodiversity conservation in the Sanjiangyuan Region, Qinghai Province, China”
Abstract Dr. Gongbo Tashi University of Tsukuba Symposium Nov 23 2017 abstract.pdf
Slide(3.9MB)  Dr Gongbo Tashi University of Tsukuba Symposium Nov 23 2017.pdf

Dr. Nobuki Kawano (Eco-Park Promoting Section, Aya Government Office)
“UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Management in Aya Town, Miyazaki, Japan”

<Session 3: Role of ecotourism for bridging local communities and nature conservation>
Dr. Ralf Buckley (Griffith University)
“Protected area management and the role of ecotourism in bridging communities and nature”
Students voiced the acknowledgement to participants from around Japan

Haruka Makino, first prize of poster session

Poster Award:
First prize:        Haruka Makino
Second prize:   Tomoya Tamura
Third prize:       Li Yanuo
Forth prize:       Yuki Iiizumi

Student members:
Shoma Jungu
Tomoya Tamura
Wan Yi
Kyoko Hirota
Li Xuanyu
Daisuke Funaki
Megumi Sensui
Sonya Underdahl
Haruka Makino

Date: November 23rd, 2017 (Thursday, Holiday in Japan), 10:00 – 17:00
Place: University of Tsukuba, Tokyo Campus, Room 134
3-29-1 Ootsuka, Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo 112-0012, Japan
Organizer: Certificate Programme on Nature Conservation, University of Tsukuba
Support: The Nature Conservation Society of Japan (Nacs-J), 
Japan Committee for IUCN (IUCN-J), 
WWF Japan,
Wild Bird Society of Japan
Fee: Free
Language: English and Japanese (simultaneous interpretation)


Workshop Announcement

Capacity Building Workshop on Nature-Culture Linkages in Heritage Conservation in Asia and the Pacific (CBWNCL)

Dates: 18 – 30 September 2016

University of Tsukuba, Japan

Organized by the World Heritage Studies and the Certificate Programme on Nature Conservation (CPNC) at the University of Tsukuba, in cooperation with UNESCO World Heritage Centre, IUCN, ICCROM and ICOMOS.

Certificate Programme on Nature Conservation

University of Tsukuba launches the “Certificate Programme on Nature Conservation (CPNC)” in April 2014 thanks to some endowment from a charitable individual. CPNC is a certificate programme for graduate students enrolled in World Heritage Studies, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences or Degree Programs in  Life and Earth Sciences, at the University of Tsukuba. CPNC provides a unique opportunity of interdisciplinary study on the conservation of natural and cultural heritage as well as the on-the-job training experience at protected areas and/or conservation organizations. We aim at educating students who will be able to work actively at international organizations and international cooperation agencies in the future.


Launching symposium of Certificate Programme on Nature Conservation will be held on 19th April, 2014

World Heritage Studies, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences and Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences are pleased to announce the launching of Certificate Programme on Nature Conservation. This symposium aims to learn about global conservation issues including climate change and loss of biodiversity to invite distinguished guests from relevant agencies and discuss the way to combat with these issues.

  Date 19th April, 2014
  Time 13:00 – 16:00
  Venue Media Hall, Kasuga Campus at the University of Tsukuba
  Language Japanese
  Participation Fee Free

 Opening Address
Dr. Kyosuke Nagata, Rector of University of Tsukuba
 Keynote Speech1 Mr.Masahiko Horie
 “Trends on Global Environmental Issues”
 Ambassador Masahiko Horie
Ambassador for Global Environmental Affairs,
Regional Councilor of IUCN
(International Union for Conservation of Nature),  Professor of Meiji University,
Visiting Professor of University of Tsukuba
 Keynote Speech2 Mr. Tsunao Watanabe
 “Trends on Biodiversity Conservation Issues”
 Mr. Tsunao Watanabe
Senior Programme Coordinator, Institute of
Peace and Sustainability, United
Nations University, Senior Researcher, Japan Wildlife Research Center, Former 
Director-General, Nature Conservation Bureau,
Ministry of the Environment

Discussion with teaching staffs who are in charge of Certificate Programme on Nature Conservation

                             Conservation and Restoration of Threatened Ecosystems
                             Impact of Climate Change on Marine Environment           

* After the symposium, we explain how students can apply for Certificate Programme on Nature Conservation and answer the questions from students.